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Fully redundant multihomed network 99.9% and higher Uptime Guarantee

To ensure a fast and uninterrupted operation of your online projects as well quick access to your data we have created an excellent network infrastructure based on the most advanced equipment which provides unprecedented protection of your online services and your data is also high performance and availability.

  • High security network
  • Quality routing infrastructure
  • Multiple 10 Gbps upstreams
  • Cisco, Juniper, Arbor equipment
  • Up to 300 Mbps Guaranteed Bandwidth
  • Automatic DDoS Mitigation
  • Over 10Gbit servers interconnect
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The Challenge

High performance network
In our data centers to guarantee the high speed and quality of data transmission in general, we use Cisco products. To ensure the safety of the hardware nodes and hosts are used Juniper hardware firewalls. To protection against all types of DDoS attacks and DDoS mitigation used Arbor products. The network infrastructure of our data centers enables us to provide a full range of hosting services to our customers. We do our best to ensure a high level of reliability, security, performance, manageability, scalability of our networks.

The network infrastructure of datacentres includes:

Kernel levels, aggregation and access

– Switching Units equipped with Cisco switches.

– Switches redundancy scheme – 2N.

– The power reserved on the scheme – 2N for each unit of the network.

The protection system against DDoS

The system is organized on the basis of Arbor Anti-DDoS solutions. DDoS protection system has the following characteristics:

– The capacity of over 1 million packets per second with the possibility of increasing DDoS mitigation.

– Adaptive tuning for use a larger number of filters in process of increase volume of invalid traffic.

– Ability to customize the real-time additional filtering rules, which makes it possible to block the atypical implemented DDoS-attacks.

Structured cabling system

– The cable system is organized on the basis of Panduit and R & M elements.

– Combines the server hardware, network infrastructure components and switching nodes.

Independent fiber-optic communication lines

– Fiber-optic communication lines that have different routes to the main traffic exchange points.