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HP ProLiant and Dell Hardware Nodes Ultra-modern server technology with Intel processors

We offer our customers a reliable and fast Virtual Servers built on the basis of the best server hardware from the world's leading manufacturers HP and Dell.

  • Up to 8 x Intel Xeon CPU's
  • Up to 512 GB of RAM
  • SSD Hard Drives
  • Huge SAS/SATA HDD's
  • Redundant Power Supply
  • Dual Network Interfaces
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Trusty Hardware Components Trusty Hardware Components

HP and Dell servers – it is an excellent performance and the most advanced technology in the design and manufacture of equipment. Intel Xeon processors provide the highest levels of performance and energy savings. Using the high-speed memory increases efficiency of resource-intensive applications. Joint use RAID-controller Smart Array and SAS/SATA/SSD hard disks increases data transfer and provides faster access. Dual and Quad-Gigabit network adapters provides high bandwidth.

Reliability and fault tolerance.

Monitoring and Redundancy Monitoring and Redundancy

Dynamic Smart Cooling technology with smart sensors that measure temperature, preventing the possibility of “hypothermia or hyperthermia” and reducing energy consumption. Automatic control of the I / O parameters and memory slots, automatic fan control. Correction of four-bit-error with Advanced ECC technology. Function on-line-connection of additional memory ensures protection against unplanned downtime. The memory mirroring prevents fatal crashes without affecting system performance.