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Our datacenters Our datacenters in details

We work exclusively with reliable datacenters, which have systematic double power supply and high servers security. Locations we choose to provide solutions for those who are looking for VPS Hosting in North America (USA, Canada), Europe (France, Germany, UK) Middle East (Israel).

  • Worldwide locations
  • Maximum physical security
  • Redundant power equipment
  • High availability infrastructure
  • Round-the-clock video surveillance systems
  • Uninterruptible cooling system and more...
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Carefully chosen datacenters

Our datacenters are located in United States, Canada, France, Germany, UK and Israel. Datacenter’s engineers monitor the condition of the equipment and provide technical support around the clock and seven days a week.

Maximum physical protection and security

  • Air-conditioning technology with natural cooling
  • Fire detection and extinction system
  • Support optimal humidity for protection against static electricity
  • Permanent CCTV
  • Security and Access Control

The datacenters equipment

We set 42U racks (mostly Dell) for our servers , with Juniper or Cisco network equipment. To protect hardware nodes and critical data from interruptions we use APC UPS products. Virtual Servers are hosted on Dell and HP hardware. We do our best to continuously improve infrastructure for the energy efficiency of servers and increasing the reliability of each VPS.

All datacenters meet the highest international standards and comply with the level of reliability of Tier 3 and Tier 4 standard. The modern equipment of leading world manufacturers guarantees the safety of placed servers. Datacenters have redundant power supply circuit from self-megawatt generators that will allow the equipment to operate successfully even in the complete termination of the supply of electricity from the power station.