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About us

Our Company

Who we are

VPSRoom company provides reliable web hosting and professional IT solutions since 2007, supporting more than 70 000 customers around the world. We offer all hosting and dozens of various IT solutions for small and medium businesses, large corporate clients. Among them - hosting sites and web services, building infrastructure in the "cloud" (IaaS), corporate e-mail, software as service (SaaS), virtual desktops and security services.

Our company is sincerely interested in the successful and dynamic growth not only of our business, but also the business of our customers. That's why VPSRoom provides the broadest and most favorable opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation, including various options for advertising and integrated business partnership.

Our mission is in brief

What is our goal

Our mission - providing our customers with the highest level of advanced services at an affordable price, constant quality of our hosting and flexible pricing policy. The solutions we offer are designed for projects of any complexity. Our support service is always ready to help you in a variety of situations. Our main principles: Reliability of equipment, Security of software solutions and Comfort of our valued customers.

The company founded in 2007
5,000+ servers under management
130,000+ virtual servers under management
70,000+ Customers around the world
4 Data Centers in USA, Canada, Europe, Israel

Virtual servers in cloud infrastructure

Our servers are hosted on the cloud infrastructure, daily data backups, easy-to-use server management panel and basic administration.

    Dedicated CPU and RAM resources

    Hardware nodes has at least 32 processor cores and 256 GB of memory, so for each VPS we allocate dedicated resources. We do not sell more resources than there is physically.

      The best price in the market

      The most affordable VPS hosting at the reasonable price! You can change the server to more powerful or less powerful at any time. You can install the OS and run the applications without any restrictions.

        Our Team

        Matt Ustilovsky
        Chief Technology Officer

        I like the desire of the team to improve the quality of services, and invest time and effort in further development.

        Valery Sky
        Chief Financial Officer

        Every day we make a lot of mistakes, and the more we do them, the more experienced and smart we become.

        Dan Winter
        Support Service Director

        If you do not know all the answers, you have the incentive to enrich your knowledge to become an expert.

        Alex Funt
        Sales Department Director

        After solving some complex issue, I get a new portion of confidence and more experience.